Debatable Estates

Exhibition as part of a residency at Watch This Space ARI, Alice Springs, NT.



Open to discussion or argument.


A piece of landed property, especially one of large extent with an elaborate house on it.

Debatable Estates explored the theme of human settlement through the material culture of a small outback town with a diverse population. We investigated both long and short-term attempts to instill spatial discipline on the landscape of the town, whether through the codified tools of architects, planners and engineers, or through regulations prohibiting people from sleeping in the dry riverbed, Lhere Mparntwe. Using materials such as concrete, windows, charcoal, Buffel grass and river sand, we were attentive to contact points between conflictual, yet mutually implicated modes of inhabiting space. We pointed to sites where marginalised individuals could assert a fragile spatial dominion and suggested there was hope for progressive urban politics in these practices.


Installation, light box, drawing and video works. Materials included concrete, windows, prints, paper, transfer paper, charcoal, buffel grass and Todd River sand.


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