The Writing on the Wall

As part of a residency at Watch This Space ARI, Mparntwe/ Alice Springs, NT.


The Writing on the Wall is a public noticeboard project designed to present alternative narratives of place in a town heavily saturated with ‘official’ versions of history in the form of war memorials, monuments, plaques, and interpretive signs. The public noticeboard is a modest intervention making room for marginalised local history and for a reading of local sites as contested.


The noticeboard is also inspired by the ubiquitous public newspaper boards found in the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta. Each morning, residents gather around neighbourhood newspaper noticeboards to read and discuss the day’s news in a public setting. Taking the public noticeboard as a social infrastructure, we use it to ask questions about how most citizens encounter politics. Can artists and others make and sustain a public, and what does it mean to address and be addressed by a public?


Artists, researchers, activists and others are invited to provide content for the noticeboard for 6 weeks at a time, reflecting on these questions. As modern media technology is also a constitutive part of publicness, all content is also reproduced online.


For a full record of The Writing on the Wall content visit: