With A Model Like This….

As part of a residency at the Rujak Centre for Urban Studies, Jakarta, Indonesia.


With a Model Like This tells a minor history of P.T Hongky’s Miniatur Jaya, a husband and wife led architectural model making business, exploring the way the story of their business intersects with the last 30 years of Indonesian national history. This period includes the latter years of late Indonesian dictator Suharto’s development program, the 1997 Asian financial crisis that provoked Suharto’s fall and Indonesia’s subsequent transition to democracy, and the present period of rescaled neoliberal urbanism and national development programs as Indonesia’s major corporate developers have recovered and foreign investment is again playing a major role in the shaping of the country’s capital, Jakarta.


Major Indonesian corporate developers visit Hongky’s humble workshop in a small hillside town three hours’ drive from Jakarta, because Hongky’s has a well-founded reputation for making the finest, most detailed and most spectacular models. These models will be exhibited in Jakarta marketing galleries carefully designed as immersive aesthetic experiences, where prospective buyers can imagine and indeed experience their new housing futures.


The video dramatises the issue of housing in Indonesia and specifically Jakarta, and describes the performative power of aesthetic technologies like models and architectural renderings for producing the future.